Monday, November 2, 2015

Here We Go...It's RACE WEEK

Putting into words how I'm feeling going into my THIRD IRONMAN is quite challenging. From starting off last year doing this one alone to having an amazing team of 6 from right here in Burleson all doing this together is strait up crazy!
I cry at the drop of a hat from the gratitude I have for this team. (and shear exhaustion) My thanks and pure admiration and love for the guys that have joined Team Denver, fund-raised and given their all is beyond words.

Thank you to all of you who have continued to pray for and support us throughout this journey. It has been a crazy and totally unexpected twist to life I would not change for anything!

As far as tracking us on Saturday, there are a couple of apps you can download... IronTrack, IM Trackr... My family uses IMTrackr from the app store - it sends push notifications.

OR, you can just go to click on Live Coverage and then Ironman Florida. You can the search by our last name (Wakin) or BIB number which is 463 (me) or 500 (jason). We'll be together the whole time.  I hope you can stay up until midnight with me!! 
My request...pray for us this week as we prepare for IRONMAN Florida:

-pray for strength as we get ready for race day. For continued health and endurance until we reach that finish line.
-pray for amazing weather on race day. For a calm, happy ocean swim and for the wind to also be calm and (somewhat) quiet.
-pray for each of us to overcome stress and anxieties we may have (me...ocean swim...)
-pray for our bodies - to withstand the stress they will endure ALL DAY. For our feet to stay strong, our joints and bones to be pain free and our legs to carry us to the finish.
-pray for our minds to stay clear and positive. It's such a mental thing especially after you've been going all day. Just pray that each of us can overcome them mentality of the "Q" word at any point.

I'm doing this not just to (finally-and hopefully) get my official full ironman.
I'm doing this for my kids.
For Denver who has this...disorder he didn't ask for.
This kid is a champion and NF doesn't own him. He owns it and is proud.
Sometimes he's scared. Sometimes he's anxious.
But most times, he is just Denver.
I'm doing this because there is so much awareness happening. There has been almost $30,000 raised by TEAM DENVER this year alone.
I'm doing this because there's still not a cure or effective treatment for my boy.
I'm doing this for Brita. I'm doing it because she is watching me. She is watching this warrior mama fight my way to the finish.
She watches me cry.
She watches me struggle.
She watches me and she sees me NOT GIVING UP.
Both of my kids are watching like eagles as we do this - and I will never quit.

If you want to help us get to our fundraising goal... CLICK HERE (we're about $10k away...)

 I can FEEEEEEEEL the goodness of Jesus welling up inside of me, roaring to go. I'm nervous yet content. Scared yet confidant. Thank you for your support and most importantly your prayers - keep them coming!

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