Wednesday, October 21, 2015

17 days to go

I am in some sort of disbelief that IRONMAN Florida is just a VERY short 17 days away. Two weeks from today we will be in Florida getting ready for race day. Like last year, it's a surreal feeling. I mean, in 17 days I will be participating in my THIRD FULL DISTANCE IRONMAN TRIATHLON. That's 140.6 miles (maybe closer to 141 because I can't swim in a strait line....).
140.6 miles in ONE DAY.
 I love this picture. It was right when we saw my dad and Denver waiting for us.

I definitely have mixed feeling about this....again. It's so weird to me. I don't quite think it has settled into my brain that I will be doing IRONMAN again. I've been so busy and non-stop that I haven't even had time to think about Florida being just 2 weeks away! Training has been different, the team has been has all been so different.
There is one side of me that is calm and collected. The side that knows I put in countless hours in the pool, over 400 miles of running and over 2,000 miles on the bike. This side of me KNOWS I put the time and hard work into this thing and that my body is able to do this. This side of me pictures that finish line in my future and has confidence that I'll see it.

This side of me that KNOWS quitting is NOT an option.
THEN, there is the side of me that thinks at some point, I'm going to fail. That voice in my brain that tells me I'm not a swimmer, I'm not a biker and I'm a runner. The side that tells me there is no way I'm going to finish. The side that is scared. SO fearful of the entire thing. Its always been a battle to overtake that little voice, but thankfully with a lot of prayer (FROM YOU-PLEASE continue) it is slowly turning into a slight whisper. 
I know as hard as I fight, I will always have a little whisper saying:
"Was it enough? You're not strong enough for this."
Either way, November 7th  is quickly approaching and its going to be here to slap me in the face before I know it. I've learned more than I've imagined through this process. I can actually run - like far. And I actually feel good afterwards. I've learned that you CAN NOT do something like this on your own. Without Jason, Sarah and the rest of TEAM DENVER.... I definately wouldn't be doing this. 
I've learned that you can grow with Christ through anything - and if you stop and listen to Him, He will always say "I HAVE YOU."
I have learned that my body is a machine and if I can push through the mentality of "I CAN'T" - I can finish anything. Although this may be my 3rd IRONMAN, I am still just as nervous as day 1. I still have a hundred insecurities and I am still afraid of that stinkin' ocean - I think I will always be that way.
Please continue to pray for us for the next 2 weeks as we continue to prepare for this. Pray for calm waters (SERIOUSLY CALM!) and gentle winds (be nice to us, wind) - this is HUGE. Pray for a good and calm swim for me. I always tend to get nervous and panicky. My heart-rate rises and I can't catch my breath making it very difficult to actually swim. Also pray for our bodies to be healthy and strong and that we get enough nutrition to last us the entire day. Pray for our mentality and that the "Q" word never enters my mind. And Pray for TEAM DENVER - that all of us finish with our heads high and hearts full!!!!
Coming up to race day, I am still trying to reach my goal of $25,000. Right now we are at $15,000 (Whats a measly $10,000 more, right?)... I know 25k is a long shot, but every bit counts! Would LOVE your support!