Wednesday, September 9, 2015

59 Days to go.

If you followed me last year, you may remember this post titled "I'm not an Athlete"

Still stands true today. Even though I have worked out practically every week for the past year, I still do not consider myself an athlete. 
I struggle. Every day. I struggle to get started on my long bike ride or I struggle to put my shoes on to get that 15 mile run in at 5am - even that 4 mile run. 
I struggle during the workouts. My mind and body want to stop. Every day. Every workout. 
I've hit the point of a mentality where I just don't want to do this anymore. I'm always tired. I always feel out of energy. I feel like this is currently my life - and that's it. It would be so easy to say, "well, I did this last year I don't need to do it again..." And just quit. 
But you know what, it's tough tooties for me. I have a job to do. I have a commitment to uphold and a precious boy to protect, love, and swim, bike and run my booty off for.
This isn't one of those things that I can just blow off. It takes work. It takes commitment and it takes a WHOLE LOT OF TRAINING. Without any of this, I could quite possibly end up face down somewhere between the Gulf of Mexico and 56 miles north....

What's my point, you may ask? I don't do this for fun. I don't enjoy it...seriously. 

I do this because I have this amazing 9 year old little boy that has this disease that no one can cure. No one can treat. No one can slow down the growth of tumors. No one can predict what it will do to any one person.
I do this for him. For my deep, crazy love for him. For my crazy strong passion to protect him. To make sure that he lives a loooooong, happy, pain free life. To make sure he can experience anything imaginable. {well, motherly approved of course}

Denver just completed his first triathlon on Monday. He was both excited and nervous. When he started his laps on the swim, he was on his 3rd lap and stopped at the end of the pool. He held on to the side and for a moment my heart skipped a beat. I wasn't sure what he was going to do. I could tell he was tired. But, you know what he did? He stopped, took a deep breath and pushed himself to swim 2 more laps. That kid was amazing to watch. To see him cross that finish line, might as well had been an IRONMAN. His smile, his pride and his confidence was something I had never seen in him. It was amazing. 

And I thought to myself.... Look at him. He pushed through. He probably wanted to stop. He was probably tire after that first loop on the bike. He could have easily just stopped when he passed us and said, let's go home. 

Leave it to a 9 year old to teach you a lesson. 
Look at that face.

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