Thursday, July 9, 2015

17 weeks to go...

WOW! 17 weeks until IRONMAN Florida is upon us. I actually find it very difficult to find words that accurately describe this journey. Thats why I do not post as often as I wish this time around. The second time around is so different. Easier...NO! Easier in a sense of I know what to expect...but the training is just as hard and grueling. I still can't stand it...especially in this HEAT! (and its not even in the 100's yet!) 

Training itself is starting to get very busy. We are at the part where I remember that this is not just an endurance event... It is 1/3 endurance, 1/3 nutrition and 1/3 mental. This weekend Jason and I took a bike ride out to Alvarado. We took our usual route down the I35 service road to find that they resurfaced the entire route with chip seal. Now,if you have never ridden your bike for 20+ miles on chip seal, I don't recommend it. I hated it so much that half way through our ride, we took a detour through country roads and found our way back to the car, thanks to the Honey Tour arrows still painted on the road.  That, competing with the heat and the not so nutritious breakfast, It wasn't a great ride. Good route, bad ride.  

I've tried very hard this summer to work on actually giving my kids a summer. I learned from last year to try and get all or most of my workouts done before the kiddos wake up. This way, I'm done for the day and we can just play all summer.... this means NO SLEEPING IN for me though. I'm thankful I am able to do this and still enjoy the summer with Denver and Brita! 

News on Denver... He had a lot of test completed. An ultrasound on his chest, tons of blood work, a bone study and an MRI of his brain. All came back with positive results. The mass in his chest is just extra breast tissue. We don't know why...but its ok! His blood work all came back normal and his MRI showed just a very small mass on his right eye. This is most likely left over from his previous surgery, but the good news is it has not changed in 3 years and is not giving him any problems. 

His bone study did show that his growth and size is a year or more behind. This would explain his small stature. They said he will most likely catch up once he hits puberty but he could also be just a small guy. (takes after me)... God is good, and we are thankful for all the good news!

June and July were quite stressful for our family. Denver hates doctors appointments. He gets very anxious and scared about them. Especially when he has to have testing done. 
The MRI appointment was the worst. For the weeks leading up to it, it was all he thought about and all he talked about. He barely slept, lost a lot of sleep and was nervous and his behavior was obviously different. The day of, he refused to take the gas mask...I mean absolutely REFUSED. I am always impressed by the staff and facilities of Cook Children's. Amazing place! They gave him an IV to get him to sleep, only problem? It took 3 times to try and get the IV in. Denver had a very hard time with this, but still in the midst of the pain he would not take the gas mask. Once it was in, Denver did great...but it is not something you ever want to watch your kiddo go through. No matter what, you don't want to see your kids in pain - when you cant do anything about it. Its hard to watch and not something I will ever get used to. He is an amazing, strong and mighty kiddo - as is his sister. I'm a lucky mama, indeed! 
Gives me more reason to train hard and raise more awareness and funds for CTF! I told myself that I wasn't going to push for fundraising this year.... but I just can't NOT fund-raise. CTF is my heart and raising money and awareness to try and find a cure for Denver is my passion... I won't stop until that cure is found. My goal this year? $25,000... I'm nearly at $15,000 so I kind of have a ways to go. We can do this!


All in all, things are going ok. Good news is, I have not had a break down yet and I have not cried during a workout! GO ME!!!! I am still struggling with running. I blame it on the heat and humidity. Seriously!

Here's a glance at my training week next week:

Monday: REST
Tuesday: Swim 2,000 with Drills & Circuit Workout
Wednesday: BRICK Bike 30 miles/Run 25 minutes
Thursday: Swim 2150 - pace test & Yoga
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Bike 45 miles & Workout
Sunday: Swim 2750 with Drills & Run 9 miles

Easy Peasy, right? Ha - not for me!