Monday, September 15, 2014

47 days to go and my THANKS.

With less than 2 months to go, this journey is getting more and more real everyday. I have 2 feelings about this. I am first nervous as heck and the instant I think about how far away this is (or how CLOSE) I cringe. I get anxiety and I have a mini panic attack. I have to remind myself about how hard Jason and I have been working the past 6 months and that I CAN do this. I take a deep breath and I tend to calm down.
After I calm down, the excitement comes. I seriously can not believe that this is happening. I probably say this too much, but really.....this is an insane idea that I am actually competing in an IRONMAN! I am now at the point to where I am thinking that this is actually a possibility. Instead of saying "If I finish" I am slowly transitioning to "When I finish..." (pending I don't drown....) (kidding,.........kind of)

I feel like (actually, I KNOW) I have not given enough thanks, glory, love, attention.... to the ONE who is getting me through. Without Christ, I am nothing. But with Him, all things are possible.

He gives me strength, endurance, courage and so much more on a daily basis. With just small verses, a word of encouragement from friends and family (and strangers) and a great long run...... He is the One I owe everything to. I am forever grateful to Him for giving me the ability and strength to do this. For this being such a learning experience for not only me, but my entire family. For showing me that love has no bounds. For making it SO apparent that our parents are here for us and will watch our children every weekend for 5 months (for hours on end). For this experience showing our kids about never giving up, reaching our goals and facing our fears. For our kids seeing us working so hard for something or someone that we have a such a huge passion and love for. (#endNF) Amazing.

This isn't about never was. It's about Christ giving us this experience. Not only the learning experience and the growth but the opportunity to raise almost $20,000 for hope for a cure for NF. ($3,400 away from $20,000).
You can help us out and DONATE HERE!

Here is proof that God has given me so much. I swam a mile IN A LAKE!!!! OPEN WATER PEOPLE...and I didn't panic. I actually swam, like a real person!

Although it was a short swim (and I could mostly touch the whole time), I did it and my confidence is growing daily. Thank you to everyone who has given. To those who have donated, your support means more than you will ever know. The Children's Tumor Foundation may be just a charity to you, but the are my family. They are my hope that one day, Denver will live a life without NF. For those that give encouragement, kids words, emails, and PRAYERS.....THANK YOU. We need them...we need them SO MUCH!

My love to everyone! 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

#TBT - 58 Days To Go

Talk about throw back Thursday... Yesterday my workout was a steady 9 mile run. I never look forward to runs, especially with this heat. The heat has really done a number on me this summer and I look forward to a nice cool down. It has slowed my pace and the heat also messes with my tummy GI) and mind like crazy!
Runs during the week are usually done on my own. Jason and I run together on the weekends but I am usually a loner for weekday runs.
I went to my parents house in town to drop off B and just decided to run from there. From their house I ran to the brick (Burleson Rec Center) and just ran around the 3/4 mile trail until I got to where I needed to be.
By the way... my parents and Jason's have been such a blessing to have during training. We wouldn't be able to do this without them.
The brick is a little over a mile away from my parents house and once I got there it was only a matter of seconds before a rush of memories came back. 7 years ago almost to the day Denver was diagnosed with NF. 7 years ago I googled "Neurofibromatosis in kids" and found The Children's Tumor Foundation and decided to run a marathon (then downgraded to a half marathon) and fundraise on behalf of Denver.(click here to read that post from 7 years ago) Little did we know how much that small internet search would change our lives.
7 years ago I could not even run around my block. (it was a small block...) I distinctly remember almost crying because I was so exhausted and in pain. I remember thinking that there was absolutely no way I would ever be able to do this. I remember concentrating 100% on how I was breathing while running and I remember finally running 3 miles for the first time in my life.
When we were first training we ran a lot at the brick. We pushed Denver around that 3/4 mile trail so many times. Sometimes he was happy and sometimes he was NOT so happy. (he was still not even 2 years old at this point) That trail has so much meaning that I didn't even realize. It symbolizes what this journey is really about. It symbolizes why we are doing this and how hard we will work to end NF. It represents pain, sweat, tears and the true reason we started this journey 7 years ago.
We ran in the Rock and Roll Arizona Marathon and Half Marathon. Jason ran the full and I ran the half.
It was the most trying, emotional and amazing experience. READ ABOUT IT HERE.
These are my favorite pictures from the whole thing.

Who would have thought that Jason and I would be training for an stinkin' IRONMAN? I mean really.... Not in a million years would I have ever even imagine training for and competing in an 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and a FULL marathon (26.2 miles) I think it is only by God's amazing grace, strength and courage that we will make it through.
That was the first year we raised money for CTF and we raised just over $7,000. That was solely donations. There was no big dinner or golf tournament... only love and donations from our friends and family. AMAZING! Since then we have raised over $40,000 for CTF and are trying to raise $20,000 for this IRONMAN journey. Your money really does go a long way...and the fact that you are supporting us on this journey pushes me further and further with each workout.....really.

By the way, the 9 mile run went great. I got it all done before the heat of the day hit and felt great afterward!DONATE HERE