Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Training, Coaches and 66 days to go!

Training has really picked up. I mean...really. Jason and I are training 15-18 hours a week now, all while still working (Jason...), starting school (Denver... and B soon) and running a family. On top of LIFE!

Last weekend we had a 70 mile bike ride on Saturday and a 15 mile run on Sunday. This makes for very early weekend mornings and pretty much takes up our days. This weekend we have an 80 mile ride and an 11 mile run. Next weekend we will do our first BIG brick workout. (brick = 2 workouts back-to-back as to practice for the real event) We will ride 70 miles then run 15 miles. This will take a long time. Like.... a really long time... Overall training is going ok. Sunday for our long run, we decided to run in the morning. We were up and out before the sun (and heat) and everything went much better than before. The heat really seems to hate me. But as fall approaches, I look forward to easier runs!

Speaking of training... I can not say enough about how much support I have. Of course my family is my #1 support system, but a close second is my support of coaches. I have 3 that I am forever grateful for....

First is Coach Andrea.... she is my "COACH"! She gives me my workouts weekly, sound advice and encouragement. Even though she is in New York, her outreach to me is like she is nearby. Anytime I have question (on ANYTHING) she is there to offer helpful advice. She is also very supportive of rest days when I feel I need it and a plethora of information when it comes to nutrition. She will be at IRONMAN Florida to support and cheer on the team!

Second is Coach William or "Ironox" - I just so happen to meet him at my pool while swimming one Sunday. He noticed my obvious wrong stroke technique and offered helpful advice. Now... he is my swim coach! I've only met with him a couple of times so far, but the help and advice he has given me has done so much good for my swim and has given me a lot more confidence. (in the pool at least, we'll see what happens in open water). He is an IRONMAN himself and is actually doing a triple ironman in October. (yes, those really exist) I am so thankful that he was there when he was and I was able to meet and connect with him. I look forward to continuing to improve with his help!

Lastly, and most importantly is Coach Jason... yes, my husband.... He is my rock. He is my encourager, he pushes me when I don't want to be pushed...but I NEED to be pushed. He makes me run when I want to walk, he makes me eat when I don't want to (but need to), he keeps me going when I want to quit.

When the original thought came up of him doing IRONMAN too, I wasn't sure. I thought I needed him on the sidelines to encourage me...but I was WAAAAAAY wrong. Having him by my side through training and having him by my side those 17 hours (maybe less......) on race day will be the best choice we've made through this whole thing. I would not make it through without him and I am so grateful to have him.... even though I want to punch him in the face when he is yelling at me.......

Last thought... watch this TEAM DENVER video. Seriously... it only takes 3 minutes and you'll learn a lot about Neurofibromatosis and what kiddos like Denver have to go through.

Oh, and you can support TEAM DENVER (Katy and Jason on the road to IRONMAN) HERE!