Monday, July 28, 2014

96 days to go...

At this point in my training, this is the first time I have actually thought

"I'm never going to be able to do this...I'll never finish..." 

and I believed it.

It was a hard week. A long training week and a very long and hard training weekend. We had a 3 hour ride on Saturday. We rode from Burleson to Grandview...and back. I always thought Grandview was a long DRIVE.... much less a bike ride. We did that first thing Saturday morning and still got shocked by the heat. Overall, it was a good ride. Did you know that Grandview is mostly UP hill? I never would have guessed that.... but it sure felt like it. We got in 40 miles round trip in just under 3 hours. (sorry coach, I didn't do the whole 3...) With my MPH average with that ride I would be in just under the cutoff at IRONMAN Florida. I'm good with long as I just make it.

Sunday was a 2 hour run. It was also the hottest day of the summer so far, at a scorching 102 degrees. Actually, when we started our run at 6:30... it was down to 101. The run started out great. I was having a solid run up until about an hour - fifteen. Then I started to feel sick to my stomach. From there, it only got worse. I had been feeding my body the whole run with water, nutritional GU and salt tablets... so I really thought I was ok. I felt terrible though and it didn't help that this had happened to me earlier in the week to. Seems like anything over 6 or 7 miles...I just hit a wall and can't go any further. My nutrition needs a major overhaul and I'm clueless as to where to start.

Don't even get me started on the swim. Although I feel like I'm doing much better in the pool, I really need to get myself out to open water more often so I don't have a complete panic attack in Florida. But that is far from my mind right now.

Along these same lines...I will tell you I'm an absolute mess. Before my training started, my activity level was low...VERY low. I have never IN MY LIFE worked out this much. 6 days a week... and most days 2 workouts a day.... NEVER NEVER NEVER has my body seen this type of activity. With that said...this type of new activity and a woman's hormones are cray cray! I can 100%  feel a huge ugly cry fest coming on.. (watch out Jason) and maybe once that happens I'll feel better. I mean I almost cried at an episode of Sophia The First....and the Subaru commercial with little girl in the drivers seat..... that one gets me every time. It's a proven fact, higher activity in woman can definitely mess with your hormone level. Just watch out when your around me for the next 3-4 months. If you say the wrong thing.. I may bust out crying and you'll be stuck consoling me for who knows how long.

My body is telling me it needs a rest. (which today is a rest day, yay!) But just one won't do it. Tomorrow I am back at it and will be until next Monday. If I take too long of a rest, all of this training will be useless and it'll be like starting over again.

This is hard ya'll.... really hard. 

I would say this ranks way up there with one of the most challenging things I have ever done. It's a true test to my ability, my mind and my life. 

So... that's it. Thats my pity party for the time being. 

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