Thursday, July 17, 2014

16 Weeks to go..

WOW! 16 weeks until IRONMAN Florida is upon us. I actually find it very difficult to find words that accurately describe this journey. Thats why I do not post as often as I wish.  I have started 5 or 6 different post and can't finish them because I can't get the words out the can explain this crazy trip.
We are just over 3 months away from the big day. Jason and I are currently deciding which half ironman we will be doing as "practice" or training in September... That's 70.3 miles total. It is a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike and 13.1 mile run. This is JUST training. I can't even wrap my mind around that right now.

Training itself is starting to get very busy and very hard. We are at the part where I totally get it that this is not just an endurance event... It is 1/3 endurance, 1/3 nutrition and 1/3 all in your head. Over this past week we had 2 - 30 mile bike rides and also a 40 mile bike ride. We also had over 4,000 meters of swimming, and close to 20 miles running. This is only half way in too.... It is difficult to have the balance of training vs family vs life... (wait, what life???)

When this whole thing started the furthest I had ever run was a half marathon.. the furthest I have ever rode my bike was maybe 10 miles tops... and that's pushing it.

During training, I have to constantly remind myself of why I am doing this.... and its because of this guy....

I can't quit... as much as I want to at times - and I won't. It doesn't matter if I have a headache, or if I just feel like crap. It doesn't matter if all of my friends are going somewhere and I want to go... this training triumphs all that, and if it doesn't, all of this will be lost.
Here's an idea of what a training week looks like... this is my schedule next week.

Mon: Rest Day! YAY!
Tues: 30 mile bike & 2750 m swim
Wed: 1 hour run
Thurs: 2200 m swim and 1:20 on the bike
Fri: Yoga and 2850 m swim
Sat: 3 hour bike + transition run right off the bike (very short run)
Sun: 2 hour run

It's hard.... I look at that schedule and I want to cry... because it is just hard. If it were just me and Jason, I might still cry, but maybe not as much. But having 2 kiddos and trying to fit training into life is so difficult to do. And the thing is, these swims, rides and runs are only getting longer and more intense. It is all a learning process from here on out. We have to learn nutrition (which nutrition needs its own post...)
and I, for sure have to train my brain to think that I CAN do this.

On a side note... Denver and Brita are totally watching us. They watch us and at times, don't like it that we have to go out on a 2 or 3 hour ride. But then there are times Denver will hear me say "I don't want to" or "that was a tough one..." in to which he will reply

"mom, you're doing awesome...and you're doing it for me."

THAT... makes it worth it.

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